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Black Lives Matter and Libertarians

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At first glance, the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement seems inherently Libertarian. They seem to seek equal treatment and the end to systemic racism within many police forces across the country. Their tactics of protesting and blocking traffic, while angered many, brought a shining light to their cause. They called for an end to the “war” on African Americans, which includes the mass surveillance of black communities, an end to the degrading of black Trans, bisexual, homosexual, and gender nonconforming people. They also called for an end to the drug war and an end to anti-prostitution laws which would result in the immediate release and expungement of record for all drug and prostitution related crimes. The BLM leadership did not mention a difference between non-violent and violent related drug and prostitution crime. These are things that many Libertarians would ultimately agree.

However, the rumored George Soros funded group has policies that are the exact opposite of what Libertarians seek. The BLM organization wants a guaranteed minimum living income and reparations for slavery provided by the taxpayers. The Federal Government guideline for a single person to live above poverty is $11,880. We can all agree that is extremely difficult to live on that wage anywhere. Even at the low income, the total cost of the program would be $478,177,543,800. This type of welfare should immediately cause Libertarians to cringe not only at the cost but the premise. No human should be completely reliant on the government to take care of them. Libertarians support individual responsibility and consequences to their own actions, the vast majority of Americans today have never met an enslaved person or someone who owned slaves. How are we responsible for their actions? It should go unsaid, but slavery is completely wrong but having your income provided by the government is a form of slavery.

Not only do they want a minimum living income, they want universal healthcare. Once again, this is a completely anti-libertarian standpoint. We see what type of healthcare socialist countries provide. We see the cracks in the United Kingdom’s system. The estimated total cost to universal healthcare in the United States is between $900 Billion and $1.2 Trillion per year. Added with the major shortfalls in medical facilities, doctors, and nurses this nation will experience, universal healthcare is not a possibility. Libertarians know that a free market healthcare system will lower cost and improve care.

The BLM state they will attempt to achieve guaranteed college education, which would be an estimated $350 to $450 Billion per year.  Not only has government influence ruined our education system for our children, it will make college basically useless. Libertarians often want out of the elementary and secondary education system so why would they support the growth of government involvement in college?

A nation $19 Trillion in debt cannot support adding $1.7 to $2.1 Trillion of new spending every year. This defies the understanding that most Libertarians have of economics. Libertarians should support an end to the drug war and laws on sexual morality but basic economics precludes us from supporting this aggressive expansion of federal spending.

While the BLM movement and Libertarians have some overlapping positions, Libertarians should not look past the BLM’s disgusting love of socialism disguised as racial justice. The social warriors seek to empower the government and have people become beholden to a centralized power. You could argue that the BLM is attempting to usher in a new era of slavery. Libertarians seek to live in freedom and liberty and should not forget that just because of one group’s popularity.

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Stephen Harmon

Stephen Harmon

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Stephen Harmon is a US Navy Veteran currently living in Northern Virginia. Stephen is currently heading up the Fauquier County Libertarians and building it to be an official affiliate. He has been a Libertarian since his high school years and began contributing to Freedom Gulch this year.
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