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Freedom Gulch Podcast 20: Trump’s Military, Nathan Larson, Tom Garrett, SpaceX

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Watch and listen to the twentieth Freedom Gulch Podcast. Myself, Andy Bakker, and Joshua Huffman are on this podcast.

On this podcast, FG contributors discuss Trump’s military spending increase, Nathan Larson and “red pill libertarians”, Tom Garrett’s decriminalization of marijuana legislation, 2017 VA Libertarian campaigns, SpaceX, and much more!

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Will Hammer

Will Hammer

Founder, CFO at Freedom Gulch
Will Hammer is the Founder and CFO of Freedom Gulch. He has been a libertarian activist since college, where he founded the first libertarian group on campus. Will is most known for running for US House in 2014 and VA House 2015, in which his results were both historic bests for the Libertarian Party of Virginia.
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