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Music 4 Liberty: Kula Voncille Queen Kong The Mixtape

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“When she walks into the room there is nothing by majestic regal-ness.

She may be little but her presence towers over the mediocre

She may be soft spoken, but her voice is amplified by every consent and vowel she speaks

She is a warrior, a rider, an angel with a teflon vest on baby!!!!!


Kula Voncille

Keep it Queen

Queen Kong: The Mixtape


Kula Voncille Queen Kong The Mixtape:

Friday, June 2, 2017:


Sorry to Kula Voncille

I hope my correspondence finds you in good health and spirits.  It eases my mind to dive into some good ol new Hip Hop classic music. There is something wonderful and refreshing about an artists first project. It establishes a foundation, a starting point to their career. The yard stick by which you become measured.

I am proud to have finally obtained my copy of “Queen Kong: the Mixtape” Freshman project of Kula Voncille. First, she is a woman in a male dominated industry. But, she grabs the wax version of “Man’s World”, breaks it in half and tosses it out the window. It is clear to me that Sis is going to set independent Hip Hop in the Commonwealth on its side.

Who: Kula Voncille. College nickname because dudes said she was so “cool”

What: Kula is a student if Hip Hop because it is her favorite genre of music. She has studied all types oh Hip Hop all the way back to Grandmaster Flash.

Where: Kula is a native of Chester, Virginia. She has lived in Richmond however, Newport News is her current home.

When: 10 years of writing with one year of recording bringing us her freshman project.

Why: Kula just started writing about subject matter that she could relate to i.e. kids, relationships, being the best person she could be and talking s***, something that she boasts that she does very well.

Her musical influences include the likes of Eminem, Lauren Hill, Kanye West, Mos Def,

Red man, T.I., Andre 3000, Biggie, MC Lyte. She also enjoys Neo Soul and Alternate Rock like Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Soundgarden.

Another reason why is because her six year old daughter Phoenix told her one day while riding in the car, “Mommy you should do that you are REALLY good at it.”

Out of the mouth of babes as it is said. Youth do speak wisdom. I am happy that the creator used young sister Phoenix to grab her moms attention. As we all know, God does not make mistakes.

Kula’s lyrics are fun an witty like an early Eminem. But, they pack punch as any battle rapper in the business. She can go in with the best emcee male or female. As this is her first project, she used several studios to encompass her sound foundation.

Kula connected with DNA Studio with Biggz, Black Element Studio with Gerald Hall White. All of the jacked beats were recorded with the two above referenced studios.

All original material was produced, arranged, mixed and mastered by James Harris, also known to the Central Virginia underground Hip Hop community as Bully Boi from Da Factory( 2 Manchester Road Richmond, Virginia). Bully is credited with production of track 2, Bodily Fluids as well as track 8, Proudly which she has a sample of Proud Mary made famous by Ike and Tina Turner or Creedence Clearwater Revival (depending what hood you grew up in). For the sake of history “Proud Mary”  is a rock song written by John Fogerty first recorded by Creedence Clearwater Revival. It was released on Fantasy Records in January 1969. Bully is famous for sampling in a manner to give an orchestrated instrumental new life.

Of course no mix tape would be complete without jacked beats. (instrumentals from major emcees).

Track 3 In a Bubble: Jacked Throw Some D’s made famous by Rich Boy.

Track 6 Lil Brown Girl: Jacked What We Do made famous by Freeway. The all time favorite of mine

Track 9 Queen vs. Thot: Jacked Choice is Yours made famous by Black Sheep.

Track 10 10 Parent Commandments: Jacked 10 Crack Commandments made famous by Biggie. Second favorite of mine.

Track 11 Jacked Back to Back made famous by Drake.

Bonus Tracks

Track 12  Tha Intro Jacked Ether made famous by NAS.

Track 13 Jus a Lil Somthin’ Jacked Whoa made famous by Black Rob.

Kula’s Lyrical Gems: One time for your mind………..

“Return of the boom bap with a bra strap. Keep it in tact from the lip smack.Queen vs. Thot”

In addition the Femcees project also being recorded at Da Factory with Bully Boi.

Catch Kula online at using the following connections. Or see her and cop the cd out her trunk like all of us ol die hard Hip Hop fans. Support your Sister giving Hip Hop what it needs. Kula, thank you for your contribution to Hip Hop culture. Jah bless you and yours. Waiting on a collaboration between you and Roy Revolution.

Favorite original track Proudly produced by James Harris aka Bully Boi from Da Factory. (Happy WEEEEEGEDIT Day!!!!!!!!!!). for the jacked material

For the original sound. Cop the mix tape ol school style out the trunk of Kula whip or out her backpack.

May I thank you in advance for your time and attention. Tell Kula that the Dread sent ya.

Corey “Sage” Fauconier

Underground Hip Hop Fan

Contributor Freedom Gulch

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