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We Need a Wall

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We Need a Wall
Every single day, thousands of people cross our border. They come here to work, to get an education, and seek better healthcare. In most cases, these migrant workers will take their earned money back home with them instead of spending it here.

We cannot blame them. The condition of their homeland is so dire that it drives them to seek employment here. While large corporations have recently begun opening there, they still face much higher unemployment rates than we do. No, we cannot entirely blame these migrants for coming here to seek a better life; after all, they have suffered under progressive heads of state for nearly twenty years.

Still, we need a wall. It would be great if we had vast resources to offer the migrants, but the fact remains they displace native workers. They fill our factories, our shipyards, our construction sites; jobs that could have, and should have, gone to our own unemployed.

It is incredibly sad that the economy in their land is so bad that less than half of civilian adults are employed, but we have our own problems, our own unemployed, and our own poor. We simply cannot afford to allow everyone in the world to come here to work. While they take our jobs, we are forced to cover the costs of our own poor population.

I want to be compassionate, I care for them and their needs, but our tax dollars are being used to fund the poor choices and bad luck of our own people; people that could be, and should be working in the factories and construction sites that the immigrants occupy.

Further, our future generations are at stake. These people leave their homeland and educate their children in our schools. Taking seats that should be filled by our own children. Special scholarships are offered to them so they can attend our universities, leaving our own youths without a seat at the table. After receiving this discount education and entering the workforce, they will often take their money and knowledge and go back home, where they can purchase affordable housing, and continue working here!

Yes, there needs to be a wall on the Virginia/West Virginia border. The border between Virginia and West Virginia is 381 miles, less than 20% of the length of the southern U.S. border with Mexico. If we build a wall on the southern border, it is imperative we do the same on the Virginia border with West Virginia, for all the same reasons.

West Virginians flood into our state to work every day, yet remain residents of West Virginia, bypassing our property tax laws. They steal our jobs and skip out on the taxes they would rightfully owe. Further, they mostly do business with West Virginia businesses, spending the money they earned here in their own state, helping their own local businesses.

They come here to earn degrees in our colleges and universities, taking slots from Virginians and injuring our own potential students. This hurts our future potential as a sate, ensuring future generations do not receive the education they deserve.

For our unemployed, our poor, our working class, our small businesses, and our students, Virginia needs to build a wall on our West Virginia border.


This has been a work of satire.

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Mark Anderson

Mark Anderson

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Mark Anderson lives in Frederick County, Virginia, where he chairs the libertarian advocacy group Frederick County Libertarians. He was the 2015 Libertarian Party candidate for the Virginia House of Delegates in the 33rd District. Mark is currently earning his Associates Degree in Business Administration with plans to study Economics at George Mason University.
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